An enthusiastic listener writes:

Each song comes out of the most secret of spaces - from the heart. In the heart, the soul finds breath. Elcilyn's love-songs go to my heart: she reaches the most secret of spaces because in the moment of her singing she is also that which she sings: loving, passionate, temperamentfull, demanding ... . The selection of songs called up a palette of emotions around the theme of 'Love'. One is in harmony with one's self because everything harmonizes!

Stuttgarter Zeitung from 30.07.2012

by Heike Armbruster

Jazz for Falling in Love

As jazz singer Elcilyn started off with 'On the sunny side of the street', each listener forgot for a moment that they were in the middle of Stuttgart. That was the beginning of the concert on Saturday evening. The smile on the singer's face was mirrored in her warm, full-toned voice, which easily reached into every corner of the small Kulturgarage in the Römerstraße. ...